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Would you like to create your own vegetable garden, recuperate the taste of your salads and vegetable dishes, but you don't have much time or space?


Have you ever thought of having your own vegetable garden created by yourself without having the worry of looking after it every day?


Well we have the solution. For an annual fee of 850 € (special offer), for one year you will have a vegetable garden of 100m2 where we will plant the products for you which you have previously chosen from our large list, we will take care of your products and when they are ready we will pack them and send them to your home (10kilos per delivery, maximum 24 deliveries per annum included in the price).



rom your own vegetable garden to your home within 24 hours.








We will show you the progress of your vegetable garden with photos via Internet.


We are young farmers who like to use new agricultural techniques based on old methods so that all our products are natural eliminating the use of pesticides and insecticides. We believe in companion planting which is defined as the establishment of two or more plant species planted in close proximity in order to culturally benefit each other by attracting or deterring pests, keeping the soil healthy and improving flavour of our products.


Our seasonal products are grown in a natural environment. The vegetable garden is situated in Cañamero near Guadalupe in the recently created Geopark in the province of Cáceres.  It is surrounded by mountains and nature.


If you like once your vegetable garden is established, you can come over and visit us and possibly spend a weekend in the village to see personally how your products are growing and maybe even come to help!. And also making it a different weekend!.



Any questions you have about what we do or to request more information or to hire our service, please contact us by Email or phone.